Everyone has had a broken heart sometime in their lives. I remember my first as a young child, what a crush I had on this young boy in school, and how painful it was when I was rejected. That pain is real! But thank goodness for God’s healing for our hearts.

As adults, there are so many kinds of brokenness we may experience. But as the church, what do we do for each other? Doesn’t it require an arm around your brother, consoling his pain? Doesn’t this require compassion from individuals? Does it not include action on our part?

It required that and much more. Jesus proclaimed this as part of His mission. Luke 4:18-19.  It involves the church as an army to ban together and help people when they are in pain. They will know us by our love. Love breaks all demonic holds. We must not back down and be an example of the authority and power Jesus gave us in His name to come against all plans of the devil. Even though brokenheartedness.