Do you have God’s shield?

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What really is God’s shield?  Every morning in prayer I put on God’s armor in Ephesians 6:11-17. In verse 16 it mentions, above all taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. What does that mean? Attacks from the enemy. God is allowing us to use [...]

Are you healing the brokenhearted?

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Everyone has had a broken heart sometime in their lives. I remember my first as a young child, what a crush I had on this young boy in school, and how painful it was when I was rejected. That pain is real! But thank goodness for God's healing for our hearts. As adults, there are so [...]

Do you have Faith in His Love?

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How do we develop that kind of faith? It comes by hearing & hearing the word of God. (Romans 10:17). It comes by standing on scriptures like 1 John 4:8, which says that “God is Love.” So when we see the word God in the scriptures we automatically think Love. God and Love are inseparable. When [...]

Will you be a part?

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Before I go to sleep, in my prayers I ask God to show me what He wants me to share for “food for thought” the next day.  This time, He showed me a dream. The Dream - I was at an ATM machine depositing what looked like cashier checks which were quite large in size. I’ll [...]

What’s pulling you?

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In a crisis what helps you get through, is standing on God‘s promises and have hope. Are you standing in chaos and confusion? Or divine peace and wisdom? In times like this, you see how deep your roots are or how shallow. It requires us to get wisdom from God because his voice is loud there. [...]

How do you make your decisions?

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“ If you make your decisions based on money, you’re going to miss it almost 100% of the time. Make your decisions based on the anointing.” Seek God’s direction and ask, where am I most anointed? Ref: KCM

Are you being transformed?

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I was praying and asking God, what do you want me to write and share with your children. Last week's thought was about seeking within. I think if we understand who and whose we are in Christ gives us a better direction and path we must be taking in this new season and new door we [...]

Its In Our Hearts!

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It is our heart to support and promote businesses within our communities. This is a time where we can really make a difference in helping and support our brothers and sisters in Christ. We decided to showcase a business each Friday starting next week. So if you are in need of a service or if you [...]

Isn’t God’s gift amazing?

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Today I sensed to send this video out for us to smile in amongst everything that is going on. The only thing I would change in the video is the word Magic to wonder. God’s creation is so beautiful and such a special gift to us. Enjoy and remember to smile! In the crazy world of [...]

Where’s your hedge?

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I'm continuing the subject of God's protection. As I was studying, I was amazed in how many layers there are to His covering. One of the most misunderstood books is Job and how the devil got to him. I'm not here to debate with anyone, you do your own study, but this is what I learned. [...]

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