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Food for Thought

3112, 2017

Looking Forward to 2018

Every new year people look forward to new beginnings, which usually includes weight loss, breaking habits or a huge change somehow in their lives.  I’ve been spending time with the Lord and meditating on life and what is truly important, not for us, but to Him.  His love is His church, His bride.  For us, to be able to spend more time with him, having that close relationship, just like you would have with a spouse or mate.  He showed me how important each and everyone of us is to Him and taking the time to have a social life with Him.  I know that sounds strange, how do you do that with God, the maker of heaven and earth.  Well He is a spirit, just as we have a spirit and that is where we connect with Him, through that spirit that resides in us.  How does this apply to CBC?  Our mission was to always connect and find common ground, supporting each other through business.  To share a special word or give a helping hand to those who are in need.  Recently I had an appointment with a doctor who happened to be a Christian.  It was the most enjoyable appointment I have ever had!  We freely spoke of Jesus and what He does for us each and every day.  She took the time with me, not like I was a number amongst the masses.  I counted and was important, and shown through her was the outpouring love of Jesus Christ.   We even prayed together at the end of my session.  This kind of encounter is what my heart really yearns for, for my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I was so touched and felt so much love through a trying time in my life.

So, my prayer and request are when you are doing business this coming year with someone, be the difference the world needs to see, for us, as Christians to shine Jesus’ light.  Taking that extra time and not being so rushed.    Sometimes it just takes a smile, a caring ear, just putting your heart out there.  During these times everyone is usually so busy with the world’s way of doing things.  This coming year, let us as Christians be that difference and start touching others’ lives in such a way that they will always remember that moment in time.

For me, I really want to observe how I walk with the Lord, representing Him, not myself.  His light shining through me, taking more time with friends, family and business associates, or that stranger in a store line, showing how they are important and valued, even if some are in my life even for a season.

I so appreciate everyone who has taken the step to join us in this mighty endeavor to be a part of something very special within CBC.  Being one body, one heart, and representing Christ who lives in us.  So, this year I ask each and everyone of you, help us get the word out through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus.  Please share about us with your home church and day to day contacts. Let’s make this year the best year we can, getting out there and not being on the side lines and settling with the same old same old of a trapped routine life.  We have one life, let’s be the difference!


God Bless,

Bill and Noelle Adams

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I was quite pleased to find Christian Biz Connect (CBC) as I have always wanted to support Christian-owned businesses.  However, finding reputable Christian-owned businesses within easy reach was challenging.  As a Christian, I am called to be a part of unifying and meeting the needs of the Body of Christ.  In supporting each other, we let our lights shine so that they will know we are Christians by our love for one another.  Thanks Bill and Noelle!
Vanessa from Sunrise, Florida
I am so impressed with Christian Biz Connect as a business owner, it has made a way for me to advertise monthly in a way that won’t break the bank. I can even run different specials if I choose. I have control over what is on my space. As a Christian, I love that my funds are going back to a company that believes what I do, and is so invested in seeing people get saved and join together to support one another in business. I choose to “do life with my brothers and sisters in Christ”.
Wendy from Margate, Florida