Are you having conversations?


Most people think prayer is a one-way street. Oh God, I need this or I need an answer for that. Visualizing angels going up to heaven and giving God your prayer request on a piece of paper and hoping it actually reaches Him. Really, prayer is about a two-way conversation. Two-way prayer is asking God for or about something and then receiving His answer.  It is a conversation. Yet in order for that conversation to take place, our spiritual ears must mature enough for us to discern God’s voice from all others that speak into our heads and our lives. 
John 10:27, The Message: My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me.

There is more to prayer than most people think. We must do work within ourselves in order to become mature enough to talk to our Father as a friend and partner.

Ref: Cindy Trimm Ministries
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