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Remembering on Memorial Day

As we celebrate those who have given their lives for our great country this Memorial Day weekend, let's also remember those who have suffered simply for having faith in Christ. We are very fortunate to live in a country that allows us religious freedom; a luxury not enjoyed by our fellow Christians in other countries. It’s important to remember how [...]

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Walk in Faith with Your Business

We must all walk in faith: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen". ~ Hebrews 11:1 When one talks about faith, usually you would think of having faith to believe for something or have faith to get you through a situation.  But do we ever think of using faith in our businesses?  [...]

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New Beginnings

At each holiday we celebrate, we ponder and think about who Jesus is and what He represents or what He has done for us.  To me Easter is the most holy day in Christianity.  For me it represents everything it is to be a Christian, receiving salvation, eternal life with Him in heaven, plus so much more!  He has given [...]

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Did You Attend Our Business Networking Luncheon? If Not, Here’s What You Missed

Our second Christian Business Networking Luncheon was a huge success!  We hope you were able to join us. In case you couldn’t attend, here’s a recap of what you missed. The turnout of Christian business professionals was phenomenal!  Our venue, Bonefish Mac’s in Wellington, FL was at capacity for our event. We were thrilled so many people were able to [...]

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Christian Biz Connect Announces Our 2nd Christian Business Networking Luncheon

Christian Biz Connect is pleased to announce their Christian Business networking luncheon to be held February 22nd at Bonefish Mac’s in Wellington, FL. Come and join us for fellowship, food and fun while networking your business! This event is co-sponsored with 1st Financial Security. We’re excited to feature Jim Collins, who will be our keynote speaker during the luncheon. He is a [...]

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Looking Forward to 2018

Every new year people look forward to new beginnings, which usually includes weight loss, breaking habits or a huge change somehow in their lives.  I’ve been spending time with the Lord and meditating on life and what is truly important, not for us, but to Him.  His love is His church, His bride.  For us, to be able to spend [...]

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