It’s Easter Time Again!

It’s Easter time again! A time when we may ponder how much God really loves us, even when we have missed it over and over again, He still loves us. It’s hard for us to think in those terms, to love the unlovable, yet He did. Even when we didn’t love him in return, He loved us. The value of [...]

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The Ekklesia

I was doing a Bible study and in it they explained that “Ekklesia” also meant “assemble” but most people say that it means the Church. In Strong's Concordance 1577 it says Ekklesia is a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into a public place, a popular meeting especially a religious congregation (Jewish or Christian community of members on [...]

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I was in Church a few weeks ago and one of the ministers was speaking on the woman with the issue of blood, Matthew 9:20. He said that she did something radical by going into the crowd to touch the garment of Jesus. That was true but from whose perspective? As I was leaving after the service this came to [...]

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Year of Increase and Favor

Happy 2019 to all our CBC members and family!  We are so excited getting this new year off to a fantastic start.  We just completed our January business networking mixer and working on the next mixer finalizing dates.  We thank God for guiding us through the planning of this event.  Without Him we can do nothing.  We also give thanks [...]

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Honoring Veterans This Veterans Day

Sunday November 11th marks a day when military men and women who honorably served or are serving the United States of America receive gratitude for their service from the American people. Veterans Day exists for the American people to say “thank you” to active, reserve and honorably discharged military men and women. Veterans Day should be recognized by all Americans. [...]

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