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Christian Biz Connect Announces Christian Business Networking Luncheon

Christian Biz Connect is pleased to announce their Christian Business networking luncheon to be held September 7th at the Christian Community Church in West Palm Beach. Come and join us for fellowship, food and fun while networking your business! This event is co-sponsored with 1st Financial Security. Be a part of this special opportunity to network with fellow Christian business [...]

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Christian Biz Connect Announces Free Lifetime Membership for Advertisers in Palm Beach County

Christian Biz Connect is pleased to announce that we are offering free lifetime membership to our online Christian business directory to all advertisers in the Palm Beach County Florida and surrounding areas. This offer is a special introductory offer to Palm Beach County businesses. Right now, any business owner in Palm Beach County or surrounding areas can advertise their business [...]

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Christian Biz Connect Attends the Christians in Action Trade Show

Last weekend, Bill and I attended our first Christians in Action trade show in Lakeland Florida.  It was a great time meeting like-minded Christian business owners like ourselves with one main goal in mind: all for the Kingdom of God!   We learned many things from the different vendors who participated, from culinary coaching to water systems that provide alkaline [...]

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Why Everyone Should Support Christian Business Owners

There’s been a significant increase in small business support lately as more and more people try to “shop local” and support their neighborhood small businesses over the big box stores. USA Today recently wrote an article about how there’s never been a better time to own a small business. The question is: Does all this enthusiasm and support for small [...]

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“A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!” ~ Proverbs 15:23

I came across a person who was having a hard time, a trial or tribulation as the Bible would say. They were at the end of their rope, tears flowing of despair. What does one say to someone to lift them up? A word of compassion could help soften the blow that was thrown at their heart. So I said [...]

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Christian Businesses Understand That Godliness is Profitable

Many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, believe that showing profit publicly is a sign of vanity, but nothing could be further from the truth! God wants us to be profitable and he wants us to show others that we’re profitable. Christian businesses understand that godliness is profitable. How God wants us to show profit 1 Timothy 4:15 states, “Meditate upon [...]

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