Submit Your Church: A Free Listing in Christian Biz Connect for Churches

Is your church looking to reach fellow Christians to help share the word of God? Christian Biz Connect offers a permanent FREE LISTING for churches; there will never be a charge to be in our directory! Simply add your listing, and you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your church in front of Christians who may be seeking a church home. In addition, you can access our free bulletin board, where you can list all of your upcoming church events for FREE!

Christian Biz Connect supports Christ focused non-profit groups by allowing them to list their organization’s information free of charge on our site as a tool to bring exposure to their good works and further their cause for Kingdom glory. We invite you to join other churches who have already discovered this powerful tool for their church!

Why do we do this for free? It’s our desire and mission to help churches reach more people to spread God’s word. We also want Christian businesses to have a voice in the world both for God and their business to reach both fellow Christians and non-Christians alike. The whole purpose of this website is not just to showcase churches and advertise businesses, but to help facilitate bringing the body of Christ into oneness of unity and to reach the lost by bringing the Church to them. It must be based on God’s word, the Bible. We want to facilitate a true Christian community and allowing churches to be listed in our directory for free helps to build our community.

We ask that you affirm the following statements of faith and core beliefs to take advantage of the free directory listing and bulletin board with Christian Biz Connect. Thank you, and please help us spread the word so our directory continues to grow and serve God’s purpose!

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