Christian Biz Connect would like to speak to your business congregation to explain what we do and to offer membership to your congregation. Our presentation shares the business side of CBC and what it offers to business owners, locally and nationwide, as well as relating biblical truths on the unity of the Body of Christ and tithing. We also teach how to utilize CBC as a tool to witness and reach the lost, bringing them into salvation. We can speak at business luncheons or other events at the invitation of church leaders and pastors.

Within the Christian circle, $3 trillion are spent each year for consumer services. Just think if that money were contained within the Body of Christ—how much more would there be for missions, for outreaches, for education! Christians not only need to connect with each other in church on Sundays, but throughout the week, business to business and business to consumer, and support each other.

The Bible says that as long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest will exist in the Kingdom. It’s time to plant seeds and reap the supernatural harvest God intends for the Body of Christ to receive!