Regardless of what specific type of product or service a Christian business offers, attracting prospects to one’s brand is essential. Abundant Life Christian Academy is excited to become a part of Christian Biz Connect (CBC), since CBC will provide content marketing to showcase our Academy to attract a clearly defined audience. When prospective customers find us through the content CBC makes available, a connection can be formed built on credibility and trust. Visibility will increase, loyalty and trust with current and future customers will increase, and communication channels through shares and comments will be opened. Long-term, Christian Biz Connect will help position the Academy as a trusted expert in the field of private education. – Abundant Life Christian Academy

I was quite pleased to find Christian Biz Connect (CBC) as I have always wanted to support Christian-owned businesses. However, finding reputable Christian-owned businesses within easy reach was challenging. As a Christian, I am called to be a part of unifying and meeting the needs of the Body of Christ. In supporting each other, we let our lights shine so that they will know we are Christians by our love for one another. Thanks Bill and Noelle! – Vanessa from Sunrise, Florida

I am so impressed with Christian Biz Connect as a business owner, it has made a way for me to advertise monthly in a way that won’t break the bank. I can even run different specials if I choose. I have control over what is on my space. As a Christian, I love that my funds are going back to a company that believes what I do, and is so invested in seeing people get saved and join together to support one another in business. I choose to “do life with my brothers and sisters in Christ”. – Wendy from Margate, Florida