The Ekklesia

I was doing a Bible study and in it they explained that “Ekklesia” also meant “assemble” but most people say that it means the Church. In Strong’s Concordance 1577 it says Ekklesia is a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into a public place, a popular meeting especially a religious congregation (Jewish or Christian community of members on earth or saints in heaven or both). Assembly… Church…both are correct, but most of the time we use it to mean the building that we meet in, but we are the assembly, the Ekklesia and the building that we meet in is just the house we assemble in. I was thinking, “Wow, Christian Biz Connect is also a place where Christians assemble. In a way, we are a virtual house for the business Ekklesia to meet in. A global meeting place for the assembly of God’s saints to proclaim his goodness through our actions in business.

Here is the good news: it’s always good to get in on the ground floor right? It’s the same here at CBC! For a short time, we are offering a lifetime membership for free; you will never be charged for your membership ever; no yearly fee, no monthly fee, no nothing! FREE.

We are growing every day.  Christian Biz Connect is having two get-togethers; one in May and one in September. We are also in the process of releasing a commercial; more information to come. For us at Christian Biz Connect, understanding Ekklesia and how it applies to our business gives us a clearer vision of what our role is in providing a platform for you, to help you do business in a global marketplace and fulfill your part in the great commission: Matthew 28:19-20.

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